Author: Marcello Salzano

Size: 90x70 cm

Technique: oil on canvas



Here we see Marcello at his workplace of 45 years, his “office” at the archway end of the Uffizi. He added several personal details: The red, collapsible easel which he built by hand, the graffiti (someone else did HIS portrait) on the column, Michelangelo’s David, Perseus by Cellini and himself again as one of the passersby, the chandelier from home, his paintings and portraits, his dog and his muse.

Why sell a painting with so many personal details? Though he has no plans to retire, it’s time to downsize and travel more. This painting is a testimony to the value in making the very best of your talents. He is a self-made man doing the only thing he knows and has inspired many others through his consistent example.  May his story live on through this painting.

The Uffizi, my office

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