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Art Gallery


The Arts Inn is an original art gallery in Florence, Italy.

It is based on an innovative concept, as art is exhibited in a completely different way from traditional art galleries: the space itself is a work of art where the enjoyment of artwork is accompanied by art-inspired signature drinks and by selected background music.

Guest artists are welcome to apply to exhibit for free in temporary exhibitions.

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A stranger known the world over, Marcello debuts online. For 45 years he has sat among the sculptures of “Illustrious Tuscan Men” in the piazza doing portraits and paintings. The Uffizi which means “offices” really is his office. He and other old school street artists (who specify that they are painters, since the term “street artist” now includes a vast variety of artistic expressions) carry on a centuries old tradition which is an integral part of the fabric of Italian cities.


The permanent collection features a series of contemporary original paintings by the founder of the gallery, artist Peter Thomas Foster. 

Some of the paintings employ "Chiaroscuro", the light effect that uses the contrast between a dark background and the light shining on the objects or through the objects, to achieve a sense of depth and the illusion of three-dimensional forms and shapes.

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