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Still life

Paintings by Peter Thomas Foster

Peter Thomas Foster is the creator and founder of the Arts Inn.

In the month of the 6th anniversary of the Arts Inn we wish to dedicate the next exhibition to the work of this experienced and talented painter who also conceived this very particular space where art and conviviality merge.

A selection of his Still Life paintings is now on show starting from October.

Peter's Still life paintings are classic and contemporary, traditional and modern at the same time. 

He often employs the chiaroscuro technique to obtain a three dimensional effect where the subject appears out of darkness so that it seems you can touch and feel it.

In some works the light seems to glow  through the objects.

Other paintings employ a neutral background where the subject, a flower or a fruit in its purest and timeless form appears to be floating in space.


The main character of Peter's painting is simplicity, achieved through the use of a complex mix of composition, design, light, colour. 

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