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The Arts Inn offers a virtual and also a physical  space for artists to exhibit their work for free. 

Emerging or established artists are invited to apply by using the contact form or by visiting in person.

The philosophy of the gallery is based on the valorization of talent and technical skill. 

We aspire to promote artists who create using traditional techniques as painting, drawing and sculpture, but also photography as a means of artistic expression is welcome. 

The Arts Inn is a convivial space, a non conventional art gallery, more like a lounge where you can sit and sip a drink surrounded by art while listening to our hand-picked playlists of rock, jazz, blues, ambient, trip hop, and generally non commercial music.

Exhibiting with us means having a virtual space in the online gallery and a space in the Arts Inn with dedicated events and presentations and a lot of visibility with our variegated public. 


From June 2nd 2022

Artwork by Anna Rubin 



March 8 - May 23 2022

Paintings by Emily Rogers


In Vino Veritas

November 24th-December 23rd 2021

Paintings by Demetrio Maglio 

ritratto di maria_dettaglio.jpg

Beyond Street Art

From May 29th 2021 

Paintings by Marcello Salzano.

Visit the exhibit 

Undersea fantasy.jpg


Paintings by Sonia Bukhgalter. 

April 28th-May 27th 2021

Read about the exhibit here

san marino.jpg

Goodbye Florence

From April 7th 2021 

A selection of cityscapes by Erin Murphy.

Visit the exhibit

Tramonto Firenze.jpg

[Rouge comme la nuit]

Works by Paola Bolletti

February 2020

Read about the exhibit here

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