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Objects of Beauty

Artwork by Anna Rubin 

Born in Moscow, Anna Rubin was brought up and educated in Germany. She has lived in Australia, where she gained success as a professional artist, for several years, before moving again to Europe.

Anna’s fine art body of work glorifies beauty through Still Life, portraits and figurative paintings.

In the Still Life paintings we are presenting in this exhibition, she uses compositions of antique and modern objects combined together, creating pictures that are both contemporary and timeless.

Her paintings express sophistication, culture and the finer things in life.

Anna draws from her European roots, and finds her inspiration in European culture, history and aesthetics, Employing Old Masters Techniques, she creates sophisticated work that is appreciated by collectors internationally.

From June to September 2022.


Anna Rubin, humanist-artist, paints in oil on Belgian linen using Old Masters Techniques in her own Avant-garde Classical Realism style since 2004.


With innovative preparation and sensitivity for detail, she combines unique art objects, light and colour imbuing her artwork with immortal beauty, serenity and aesthetic joy.

Prints on Paper

This is a selection. There are 30 images available.

See the complete list here and in the gallery

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