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In vino veritas

Paintings by Demetrio Maglio

WIth this exhibition Demetrio introduces his painting to Florence and the world.

Eight portraits of female figures with wine as the one element they all have in common. With a full or half glass or a bottle, all render homage to the Roman god of wine, Bacchus.

The figures are before us  sharing a glass in mid-conversation or listening. Women dare to drink with abandon. Sensuous and elegant figures exchange ambiguous looks while holding a glass in hand.


Light and shadows dominate the scene which is free of anything that is not essential nor any decorative element.

The protagonists are not the figures, but their expressions, the gestures of their hands. 

Wine is the element that frees the emotions and loosens the senses; wine reveals the truth inside ourselves. 

"In vino veritas" as the Romans said: in wine, truth. 

Nov. 2021 - march 2022

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Demetrio Maglio, born in 1996, is in his last year of study at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Florence.

He always liked drawing, then discovered painting while in high school. 

His favorite artists and influences are Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Vermeer, De Chirico, Casorati and Modigliani.  

Though still a young painter, his talent is apparent and we are happy to host his first exhibition.

Teagan e Anna
ritratto di ilaria
ritratto di maria
ritratto di miriana
guagliona di bacco
ritratto di ilaria
guagliona con canestra
ritratto di miriana 2
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