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Paintings by Erin Murphy

"What began as a collection of images, endless variations on a theme to categorize and ogle became a series of drawings and paintings that I return to from time to time.


There are hundreds of printed photographs, fewer after the switch to digital. For decades I have lived in and sought out high places from which I photograph roof tiles.


I love the lacy lichens, the weeds, the glossy smoothness when they’re wet and the marks left in the clay on the hand-made ones. As with any subject one delves into deeply over an extended time whether it be as scientific research, a personal interest in a film genre or perhaps the preference of a single musical instrument, that thing can bring us to reflections on any number of seemingly unrelated thoughts, questions and ideas.


The few paintings you see here derive from my photographs which are taken as reminders or sketches of that other thought.

It might be a feeling of vastness, a sensation of heat, a gritty surface or surprising combination of colors. They are representational paintings which, to me, represent more than what meets the eye.” – Erin Murphy

APRIL 2023

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