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Paintings by Emily Rogers

After completing her studies at the renowned Charles Cecil Studio here in Florence Emily became an instructor there and continues to work, teach and exhibit her paintings here and abroad.  


Through her excellent and subtle handling of the paint, she imbues this age-old genre with a fresh, contemporary feeling. The viewer is invited to engage in silent conversations with the subjects. We hope you will have an opportunity to come see them in person. 


From Tuesday March 8th to May 28th 2022.  


Emily Rogers is a British painter, born in Oxford in 1996.

Emily began her art training at Oxford Brookes University, where she undertook an Art Foundation year.  She then went on to study Fine Art at Leeds Arts University for three years, graduating in 2018. Wanting to develop her painting skills further, Emily moved to Florence, Italy, and began studying at Charles H Cecil Studios. Here, she learnt the old masters technique of 'sight-size', whereby the canvas is placed alongside the subject and the sitter is observed from a distance and painted from life and to scale, under natural light.

This technique was derived from masters such as Titian, Van Dyck, and Velásquez, and then by Sargent and the British school.

Emily exhibits her work mostly in Florence and London. In December she had a solo show at Il Conventino where she exhibited a number of portraits and a selection of landscapes which she practises on the weekends.

Last year she exhibited in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Mall Galleries in London.

Emily continues to live and study in Florence at Charles H.. Cecil Studios, where she teaches and continues to practise and advance her painting skills.

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