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The Arts Inn opened in November 2016. Previously the space hosted the painting atelier of P.T. Foster. He painted and exhibited here for 10 years, then conceived the idea of tranforming it into a particular space, an art gallery but also a place where art meets with conviviality. An eclectic space full of quirky details where it's pleasant to spend time with a quality drink, listening to select music.

So Peter designed the space, taking care of every single detail. It's both an art gallery full of artwork, and a convivial space to spend an evening with your loved one or with friends.

In 2019 Silvio Calabria started bartending and he immediately caught the spirit of the place, integrating the drink list with the ambiance, creating gorgeous signature cocktails which are beautiful to look at as well as delicious to taste, and mostly dedicated to art and artists.

As an art gallery, the space hosts permanently Peter's work, oil paintings which can be described as contemporary realism, mostly modern still life of great impact. There are also some copies of Old Masters and a couple of original paintings by early '900s painter Fernand Riblet (not for sale).

The space also hosts temporary exhibitions for guest artists, free of charge. Our philosophy is inspired by the valorization of talent and technical ability. It may be figurative or abstract, as long as it's inspired by the principles of beauty, harmony and quality.

Come and visit us or write to exhibit with us!

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