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Oil on canvas. 

Dimensions: 70x70 cm

Framed: 92,5x92,5


Directly inspired by Caravaggio's painting "Boy with a Basket of Fruit", this is both the painting with which Demetrio passed his painting exam at the Accademia, and the manifesto of his inspiration. In some of his later works, Demetrio shows ability with chiaroscuro, the technique of which Caravaggio was the master. He uses shadow to enhance the expressiveness of the female figures, and lighting effects which make them emerge from obscurity.

In the "Guagliona", he pays homage to the Master by reinterpreting his painting in a modern way - taking away and simplifying, using clean and sharp lines. The subject is female instead of male, and the exotic fruit in the basket makes it more contemporary. 

Guagliona con canestra di frutta

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