Size: 68cm x 58cm
Medium: Oil on Belgium Linen
Frame: European gilded outer frame, China lacquer inner frame, gilded inner runner



The artwork “Longevity” is one of the series “Les Objets de Beauté” – an alchemic mix of the Golden Ages in Art: still life of the European 16th century Renaissance mastery combined with the exotic opulence of 19th century Belle Époque silken, embroidered, gilded curiosities brought to Europe from China and Japan.

The symbolism from the Eastern Tradition gives an additional meaning to this painting making this still life not only a means of beautifying the space but also a parting wishes from the Artist to all who is looking at this artwork.

Chinese Symbolism: The butterfly/moth on the silk is a symbol of long life and signifies joy, warmth and longevity. The fig fruit conveys the meaning that something is going to happen soon. For this reason figs are placed on bridal beds and the wood of the fig tree was used to construct beds for children.