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Beyond Street Art

A stranger known the world over, Marcello debuts online. For 45 years he has sat among the sculptures of “Illustrious Tuscan Men” in the piazza doing portraits and paintings. The Uffizi which means “offices” really is his office. He and other old school street artists (who specify that they are painters, since the term “street artist” now includes a vast variety of artistic expressions) carry on a centuries old tradition which is an integral part of the fabric of Italian cities.

Though Florentines recognize him and greet him wherever he goes, he’s a mysterious figure, a quiet man of very few words. We are proud to represent him in his online debut with his studio paintings which are too large to sell among his smaller, much-loved piazza canvases.

The personal work reveals a curious mind, a sensitive inclination and a colorful world full of wonder. We hope the exhibit will help this accomplished, self-taught artist to thrive regardless of the number of tourists physically present (or absent) from Florence.
It has taken a village to put this show together for him as Marcello is not computer literate yet. Please visit his facebook page Marcello Street Artist- Uffizi Gallery, his website and of course, you can visit him when in Florence, in the Uffizi Gallery Square.

From May 29th, 2021

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