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Goodbye Florence

Erin Murphy’s exhibit is entitled “Goodbye Florence” because it was our first online exhibition at The Arts Inn and began in 2021 just as Europe entered the third wave of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 


All sectors of society found themselves in an extremely challenging situation. In fact, it is estimated that half of all businesses in Florence were forced to close since 2020. The title refers to that very unique part of Florence which is disappearing and now being replaced with new, more trendy business which are common the world over. 


​Too many artists and artisans are also having to pack up and leave.  

We at the Arts Inn believe in sustaining, protecting and nurturing the heart and soul of Florence - the artists and artisans. 


The online exhibitions are our way of doing just that. We encourage you to consider giving the gift of artwork, so that we can all continue to share our unique and special gifts with each other.  


The world needs the arts now more than ever,” Erin says. “In a very direct way, artists can be likened to two other sectors of society—the most fragile, like the elderly who depend on others for survival and pass on the story of our shared cultural heritage, and also to hospital personnel or teachers.  We are part of the frontline workers because art speaks directly to our hearts. Sometimes it’s a picture or a song which give us the strength to keep going. Beauty and expression are as essential a part of human experience as breath itself.” 


This selection of cityscapes of our beloved, eternal city opened on April 7th 2021. Visit Erin's website and read about her bio

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