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Erin Murphy

Erin Murphy lives and works in Florence, Italy.


Born in the US and educated in Rhode Island, New York and Florence, she has resided in Italy for more than half her life.


An artist and educator, Erin has been exhibiting and teaching for over 20 years. 

Dedicated to the preservation and continuation of art and culture, she was instrumental in the formation of the Non-Profit Organization Friends of the Uffizi Gallery USA through her 10 year collaboration with the Amici degli Uffizi Onlus.


Since 2005 when she hosted the Italian Premier Preview of the acclaimed contemporary art documentary series “Art21” she has created screening events bringing contemporary art into the Florentine environment.


Her current focus is on workshops which take place in person and online. And she has introduced thousands of university students from all over the world to living, working artisans through in-person visits to the remaining bottegas in Florence's city center.

All of her diverse bodies of work are united by the central themes of observation, presence and time.


Whether it be charcoal on paper, watercolor, pens, found materials or traditional oil painting, the medium is chosen according to the expressive qualities required for the subject at hand.


Daily practice is a fundamental part of her process.  

Goodbye Florence

Erin Murphy’s exhibit is entitled “Goodbye Florence” because it was our first online exhibition at The Arts Inn and began in 2021 just as Europe entered the third wave of the Corona Virus Pandemic. 


All sectors of society found themselves in an extremely challenging situation. In fact, it is estimated that half of all businesses in Florence were forced to close since 2020.


The title refers to that very unique part of Florence which is disappearing and now being replaced with new, more trendy business which are common the world over. 


​Too many artists and artisans are also having to pack up and leave.  

We at the Arts Inn believe in sustaining, protecting and nurturing the heart and soul of Florence - the artists and artisans. 


Our exhibitions are our way of doing just that. We encourage you to consider giving the gift of artwork, so that we can all continue to share our unique and special gifts with each other.  


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