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Peter Thomas Foster

Peter is the owner and founder of the Arts Inn gallery.

With a solid foundation of art training and practice, Peter has painted professionally for over 30 years. 

He has exhibited in galleries in Florence, Venice, and Saint Paul de Vence, but mostly preferred and managed to sell directly to collectors from his Atelier. He has sold countless artworks from mid Eighties to today. 

His forte is colour, and the play of light and dark


"Chiaroscuro”, used by Masters such as Caravaggio, emphasizes the darkness of the background to create a high contrast and a dramatic effect.


Out of the darkness and shadow, the objects appear solid and three-dimensional.

The subjects are designed and arranged with consciousness of their symbolic significance in art.

He paints his subjects from life, with a special method to achieve the light-and-shadow effect.

The main character of Peter Foster's painting is simplicity, achieved through the use of composition, design, light, colour.


Via del Porcellana 63R

50123 Florence Italy

+39 351 1032085

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