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Author: Marcello Salzano

Size: 46.5x 65.5cm

Technique: acrylic on canvas 




During the full lock-down of 2020 while stuck inside and longing to go somewhere and wondering along with the rest of the world when or in fact, IF he would ever see these places again, Marcello travelled in his mind. He carried out several larger canvases depicting a collage of monuments with details of animals and flowers. He went back into the piazza as soon as he was permitted to- almost always the only artist and the only person there! (See here a photo taken on his first day back to work last summer. Marcello does not earn royalties from the sale of that image). This is the only painting left from that series.

It can be framed flat as one would do with a print since it is not stretched onto support bars.

Dreaming of Italy

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