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Size: 68cm x 53cm
High quality limited edition giclée print on canvas

7 copies of 10  available.Sold unstretched and unframed. Framing provided upon request.



This limited edition giclée print is a copy of the original that has been sold and is now in a private collection. One of the series “Les Objets de Beauté”, it mixes and unites the Golden Ages in Art, combining still life of the European 16th century Renaissance masters with the exotic opulence of 19th century Belle Époque objects, such as silks, embroideries, gilded curiosities brought to Europe from China and Japan.As in all of Anna Rubin's work, symbolism is always present and each and every element has a meaning and a purpose.


The Pomegranate signifies the 6th month of the lunar calendar and, because of its many seeds, represents fertility, offspring and descendants. It’s an important symbol in marriage. The Pomegranate is the symbol of abundances and plenty.

The Chrysanthemum represents the 10th month of the lunar calendar. It blooms late and in facing the winter symbolizes people who maintain their virtue and respectability despite adversity and temptation. Chrysanthemum is sometimes a symbol for “forever” and means longevity.

LES OBJETS DE BEAUTÉ - Abundance (Giclée print on canvas)

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