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Piazza Paintings

The paintings shown here are examples of Marcello’s signature works which he sells in Piazza degli Uffizi since 1977. They are acrylic or oil on canvas, signed on the back usually with the year. To see these and many others, visit his facebook page at Marcello Street Artist - Uffizi Gallery or his website: or contact him directly at

We’ll highlight The Flower Shop (Piante e Fiori) painted from his own photographs of a place which once existed on Via dei Neri along with a tailor, fishmongers, two farmer’s markets, artisanal stone mosaics, antiques, books, leather goods, jewelers, and much more. It was a typical Florentine Borgo - a neighborhood. And yes, there was also one small vinaino to stop into for a sip of wine, a hard-boiled egg or crostino and a few minutes of conversation. After that tiny place became the world-famous sandwich outlet All'AnticoVinaio the rest of Via dei Neri followed suit and now mainly caters to tourists seeking something to eat. 

These small paintings by Marcello recall scenes which used to be more common in Florence and Tuscany.

Piazza Paintings

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